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Gather as much booty as possible over 3 voyages, by raiding ships and hunting for treasure!

Each voyage ends when you run out of Rum!


Use the arrow keys to move your vessel.

Moving onto land lets you disembark and travel by foot.

Warning: When moving on land, your crew will start to desert you!

Raiding Ships

There are 5 ships, numbered 1 to 5.

The number indicates how much Booty it has and how many Crew necessary to win.

#1100 Booty5 Crew
#2200 Booty10 Crew
#3300 Booty15 Crew
#4400 Booty20 Crew
#5500 Booty25 Crew


Explore islands on foot. When you're near a buried treasure, an X will appear nearby.

There are 5 treasures worth 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 Booty.

Crew / Rum

There are 3 towns you can visit to bring your Rum and Crew back to maximum.

Each town can only be visited once, so use them wisely!


Reveal the entire map for a bonus!

Good Luck, Mateys!

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